Natacha Latouf

Play Therapist


My name is Natacha Latouf.

Who am I?
I have a Masters Degree in Play Therapy and am also a certified EMDR therapist.

What I do?
Helping children to achieve their full potential and parents to gain confidence, is my ultimate goal.

By using Play Therapy, I help children become emotionally and socially strong and also boosting their self-esteem. This therapy also allows them to become aware of any difficulties and empowers them to use appropriate techniques and make good choices.

When parents get involved in this process, it provides them with a sense of empowerment and achievement. I teach the parents the necessary skills through guidance and tips, and by using Filial Therapy or Child-Parent Relationship Therapy.

Through commitment and involvement, children and parents alike will benefit from the progress.

EMDR is a neuro-therapeutic approach working on internal conflict caused by past trauma. Using a technique called Bilateral Stimulation, the “Adaptive Information Processing System” is activated, which moves the negative stored information to an adaptive and healthy position. More information on this incredible technique here >>


Area of focus: 
– social, emotional and behavioural difficulties,
– trauma (victims of crime, divorce, abuse, loss and grief, accidents)
– adjustment (moving house or school, getting a new sibling, blended families)
– anxieties
– fears
– social skills
– depression
– parent/child relationships
– parental guidance and education
– adult counselling

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